Keep a node.js server up with Forever

One of the great benefits of using node.js is the reduction in dependencies needed to run a production web application. By using the ‚http‘ module we can run a stand-alone web server in node.js without the need for a separate server like Apache or nginx. The caveat of not having to use these servers is that their concerns are now the concerns of the node.js application developer. The concern that we will discuss in this article is that of fault tolerance, or how to automatically restart your server when it crashes or enters an invalid state. Before we dive into how to use Forever, lets setup the ‚hello world‘ web […]

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How to Build A Slackbot

How to Build A Slackbot + Deploy an App to Heroku for Absolute Beginners Back in ye olde days of the internet, there was IRC (Internet Relay Chat), a chat network with channels and servers for every microcosm in the world. Folks would make these little bots or services — they’d greet you when you joined a channel, played trivia, Uno and other chat-based games with you. Unfortunately, if you wanted to make one yourself, you likely needed some knowledge of Perl, client-server architecture and a handful of Unix commands. Today, most will opt for a more aesthetic alternative to IRC. Namely, Slack — a chat-based team communication tool. The best part? You can […]

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