22. März 2016

Warum sollten Sie eine ‚eigene‘ Webseite haben?

Sicherlich machen sich viele Gedanken über eine eigene Webseite. Sei es, um Informationen an Kunden, Freunde oder Geschäftspartner bereit zu stellen, oder einfach um ein bestimmtes Produkt oder eine Dienstleistung zu bewerben. Gründe gibt es viele.

Dabei erfreuen sich Webseiten aus Design-Vorlagen besonderer Beliebtheit: Sie sind günstig und praktisch jeder, der ein gewisses Verständnis für Computer, Internet und Webseiten hat, kann sie befüllen.

Leider ist es eben auch gerade aus dem Grunde so, dass sich die Seiten ähneln wie ein Ei dem anderen. Was verloren geht, ist die ‚Einzigartikeit‘ und die Beziehung zum eigenen Stil.

Some web designers are quite capable of adding lines of code here and there when designing a web page, but other web designers are not. They have to call on a coding expert to do the work; which can cost money, create project delays, and make for unhappy clients. No coding is necessary with The7.

One of the reasons is that this theme’s page builder, is the highly popular Visual Composer plugin that comes in the package and replaces coding with drag and drop functionality. The other reason is a special set of enhancements that have been added to VC; making it an even more powerful design tool.

To the Business: Uniqueness of Design – An Emerging and Important Trend

Whether a business is large or small, if it relies on online advertising through its own website, that advertising effort is not going to attract visitors if the website is just like any other website. People are drawn to websites that are unique; not websites that resemble other websites.

A carbon copy website is unlikely to make much of a statement, but a professionally-designed, highly unique website can make a powerful one. Just as a unique display in a storefront window can engage potential customers, so will a custom-designed website that stands apart from all the others.

To the Pocketbook: More for the Money – With Extras

As a designer, you get all the customization power you can handle, at a price comparable to, or less than, other premium WordPress themes. As a client, you save money because your designer is not taking excessive time trying to figure out how to give you what you want.

As a bonus, this theme’s library of 25 skins enables a websites pages to be fine-tuned to perfection; making the website even more unique by doing so.

To the Doubter: Never Having to Say “I Can’t Do That” Again


Every web designer hopes to avoid having to tell a client – “I’m sorry; I can’t do that”. A skills deficiency can sometimes be to blame, but quite often the right tools for the job are just not at hand. Using a WordPress theme that is not extremely customization-friendly can make some project design requirements more difficult to satisfy than they should be, and others impossible to satisfy.

To Everyone: The Importance of Adding Value to Make Clients Come Back for More

When you take a set of design requirements and create a website from them, you have in fact added value to those requirements. If, however, the design tool of choice is a WP theme that has limited capabilities, the amount of value added can be significantly less than it could be, and less than the client is expecting.

Adding the right amount of value to a client’s requirements, or even more than has been asked for, will have that client coming back for more, or recommending you to others. Adding value is a concept worth keeping in mind.